Investment Focus

Our Focus

At Baker & Eastlack Ventures, we invest in early stage medical devices and diagnostics. We prefer 510k products with experienced management teams. We evaluate everything from the cost and time of clinical trials, how the technology will be priced on the market, and competitive advantage.

Our backgrounds make us uniquely qualified to invest in this space, as we have both patient care, investing, and corporate operational experience. We use all of our resources to help build successful companies.


Our Goal

Our goal is to get regulatory approval of a novel first to market product in a capital-efficient manner. This increases the odds of a successful exit in the shortest amount of time.

The photo is of a patent for a novel interbody fusion device that was developed and obtained FDA clearance for less than $1.5M. That is awesome!

Capital Efficiency

What does capital efficiency mean to us? It means the team can get through research and development and the FDA with as little money as possible, in as short a time period as possible. All of our personal investments have achieved regulatory clearance in less than three years. With the right team, this should be possible for 510k products.