Baker & Eastlack Ventures

Our Origins

Kenneth D. Baker M.D. (general surgeon) and Robert K. Eastlack M.D. (orthopedic spine surgeon) met more than four years ago in an angel investment group. They both were active angel investors, but realized there are many problems with angel investing. They knew that a lot of the risk of angel investing could be decreased by using strict investment criteria, investing larger amounts, and working closely with management. They analyzed their successful exits and the many startups that they saw and worked with over the past 10 years – both successful and unsuccessful companies.

This analysis led to the creation of a venture fund with specific investment criteria. Baker & Eastlack Ventures focuses on early stage medical devices and diagnostics. Our investors are physicians, industry executives, and other value-added investors who give us a reach domestically and internationally.



We invest in early stage medical devices and diagnostics.  We prefer the founders have done a little work, filed the IP, and have a clear direction about product development, the FDA pathway, and clinical trials.  This does not mean we will not work with companies at an earlier stage, as we are open to all great ideas.


An experienced management team with everybody going in the same direction is crucial, as there is no substitute for having done it before. If you have an idea but need help building a team, we can help you. We work with great research and development firms, patent counsel, engineers, and we can find clinical and regulatory people.