About Us

Our Approach – Go Deep

Our Approach

When evaluating the investment opportunity, we look at everything. The technology and the team are so important, but so are health economics, standard of care, practice patterns, and other factors that contribute to market adoption. We want your team to build successful technology because we all win together. We use all our resources to evaluate the opportunity and if we invest, we use our network to help you in every way possible.

We believe the team and product are equally important. We bet on the jockey and the horse. First to market novel products with strong intellectual property, coupled with a strong management team, get us excited.


Our Story

Bob and Ken are both board certified surgeons.  Bob is an orthopedic spine surgeon who has worked with industry in many capacities, has successfully invested in early stage companies, and has brought a technology from concept through regulatory clearance.

Ken practiced general surgery for seven years before working in venture capital.  His experience in large healthcare companies and startups refined his investment criteria.

Bob and Ken both have clinical experience, operational experience, and investing experience, which enables them to evaluate opportunities quickly, efficiently, and raise a syndicate of investors when needed.  Partners with such backgrounds are rarely found.

Meet the Team


Kenneth D. Baker MD FACS

Partner & Founder

Ken is a board-certified general surgeon who went into venture capital after seven years of practice. He has worked as a global medical director at Covidien and Baxter. He has also consulted for many startups in healthcare, has held board seats, and has been an active angel investor for over a decade. He earned a bachelor of science from UCLA, his Doctor of Medicine from Tulane Medical School, completed a residency in general surgery from the University of South Florida, and earned his MBA from the University of Oregon.


Robert K. Eastlack MD

Partner & Founder

Bob is an orthopedic spine surgeon at Scripps Clinic, Torrey Pines in La Jolla, CA. He has been named as one of the top doctors for four years in a row by San Diego Magazine. Bob has worked with industry as a consultant, instructor, and has been on numerous medical and scientific advisory boards. Bob earned his bachelor of science at Stanford, his Doctor of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, did his orthopedic residency at the University of California, San Diego, and trained at the Mayo Clinic for his spine fellowship. He has been an active angel investor and a board member. He and two partners invented a novel interbody fusion cage that has FDA clearance and is now on the market.