Spinal Singularity Treats First Patient

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., March 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Spinal Singularity announced that the first patient has been treated with the Connected Catheter, an innovative, smart catheter system designed for adult males with Chronic Urinary Retention and/or Neurogenic Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction (NLUTD). The Clinical Feasibility Study is being led by Dr. Ernest Agatstein, MD, an expert Urologist and co-founder of West Coast Urology.

Dr. Agatstein has served as a Scientific Advisor to Spinal Singularity since 2015, when the company was founded. Dr. Agatstein states, “It has been amazing to watch the Connected Catheter develop and mature over the past couple of years. What started as a simple idea being relentlessly pursued by passionate founders is now a real medical device that has the potential to radically improve the quality of life for millions of catheter users. I am honored to have treated the first patient in the US with this device and look forward to collecting more data during this study.”

Derek Herrera (Founder) explains, “I have dedicated years of my life working to solve this problem and am confident that our product can truly change people’s lives. With more clinical data we aim to prove the safety and efficacy of our device as we work to bring it to market.”

Spinal Singularity has also obtained IRB approval to expand the study at two additional sites. Dr. Ian Lee Goldman, MD will lead efforts at the Arizona Center for Cancer Care (AZCCC) in Surprise, AZ and Dr. Sreenivas Vemulapalli, MD will be the principal investigator at Tri-Valley Urology in Murrieta, CA. Detailed information about the clinical study can be accessed on ClinicalTrials.gov at http://bit.ly/CCCFSTrial.


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